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    Ways to keep your children entertained and relaxed

    Regardless of the age of your children, they will always be on the search for some fun, relaxation and entertainment. Also, when you are parenting, it is not only the children that you have to take care of but also the house chores and other responsibilities. If you are to manage of all of these tasks and take good care of the ...

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    How to Throw the Perfect Dinner Party for Any Occasion

    If you are like me you enjoy spending a lot of your free time with your friends and family. I have found that one of the best ways to gather everyone together is to throw a dinner party. What a lovely time, everyone sitting down, relaxing, while enjoying great food and maybe a few drinks. Nothing sounds better than an evening spent ...

    On August 29, 2017 / By

    Arugula and Radish Salad (a New Year to #eatnaturally)

    Here we are, yet another start to a new year. It’s the time where I stop thinking about what has happened and focus on the potentials of the new year. For the most part, it can be an ever optimistic time but I think it’s easy to over promise and under deliver. There is so much hype for “now is the time” ...

    On October 25, 2016 / By

    Holborn Dining Room

    I remain a fan of our grand cafes in town, chiefly the Corbin & King stalwarts of Wolseley and its unbeatably reasonable cousin that is Brasserie Zedel. HDR’s lustrous retro galore is of a similar mould, albeit with a classic cuisine that’s closer to home than Vienna. And it is a massive restaurant that must take at least 100 covers (at a ...

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    It’s pumpkin season, in case you haven’t noticed, so I’ll start pumpkin season with this creamy pumpkin alfredo sauce with cashews and sage. This recipe is actually really special to me since it is the first recipe in my new healthy eating column on the German lifestyle blog OhhhMhhh. Unfortunately the column is written in German only, so I thought I’d just ...

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    Les 110 de Taillevent London (Updated)

    Taillevent is a revered institution in Paris opened by André Vrinat in 1946. It achieved 3 star status in 1973 and held on to them until 2007, when the bib decided it was time to drop them to **. Many legendary Chefs have passed through Taillevent’s brigade in all this time, including the likes of Philippe Legendre, as well as Hideki Nishi, ...

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