5 French Cream Almondine Recipes

Frankly Fake Fudge

1 c 2% milk
3/4 c Unsweetened cocoa powder
5 tb Unflavored gelatin (5 pkg)
1 c Water
1/2 c Sweetener equiv. to sugar**
1 ts Artificial brandy extract

Preparation 10 min, standing time 4 hours.

In small saucepan, combine milk and cocoa. Whisk until there are no lumps of cocoa. Cook over medium heat, stirring for about 5 min or until thickened. (This cooks out the raw cocoa taste.)

In another small saucepan, sprinkle gelatin over water; let stand for 5 min to soften.

Heat over low heat, stirring, until gelatin dissolves. Stir into cocoa mixture.

French Chocolate Truffles

6 oz Sweet baking chocolate
1 tb Cognac or 2 tbsp. sherry
1/2 c Butter
2 tb Sifted cocoa
1 c Sifted sugar
1 tb Heavy cream
1 ts Vanilla

No low-calorie candy has ever wrung the teeniest notice from our tongue, so truffles are our dreamiest dream, And these will melt like creamiest cream. In a double boiler, the chocolate fix and to this the melted butter mix, then add the sugar, vanilla, and wine And stir till it is blended fine. Now cool till firm (not hard nor brittle) you might need cream here ~ just a little-spread the cocoa on a plate or slab, P>: Roll each ball in the cocoa, a spoon-site dab. Now lovingly wrap each tiny ball and your con- fection will top them all.

French Cream Almondine

5 c Chopped milk chocolate
1/2 c Milk
3/4 c Marshmallow creme
2 1/2 c Chopped toasted almonds, divided

Melt milk chocolate to 110 degrees F.. Scald milk. Add hot milk and marshmallow to melted chocolate, beating until smooth. Stir in 1 1/2 cups almonds. Spread in a buttered 8-inch square pan. Sprinkle remaining almonds over top and press in. When set, cut into squares. Makes about 49 pieces.

French Fudge

13 oz (1) cn Skim evaporated milk;
2 tb Cornstarch;
1 tb Liquid sugar replacement;
1/2 c Chocolate chips;
3 oz Cream cheese; softened
1 1/2 ts Vanilla extract;

Combine evaporated milk, cornstarch, sugar replacement and chocolate chips in saucepan. Cook and stir mixture is thick and chocolate chips are melted. Whip cream cheese until light and fluffy. Beat in chocolate/mixture. Stir in vanilla extract. Turn into buttered 8-in square baking dish. Chill until firm. Cut into 1-in squares. Store in refrigerator.

French Nougat

2 c Sugar
1 c White syrup
1/4 c Water
Combine ingredients. Boil to brittle stage (300 F)

Part 2
1/2 c Water
3 Egg whites
2 tb Cocoa
1/2 c Chopped candied cherries
1 c Sugar
1 ts Vanilla
1/2 c Coconut
1/2 c Chopped nuts

Part 1:

Combine sugar, cocoa, and water. Boil to soft ball stage (234 – 238 F). Pour slowly over stiffly beaten egg whites. Beat constantly. Add Part 1, and continue to beat until the mixture begins to stiffen. Add flavoring, nuts, candied cherries, and coconut. When mixture is firm but still hot, rinse your hands in cold water (do not wipe them). Form mixture into a loaf. Roll in yellow coconut. Place on well-buttered plate. Slice with sharp knife.